Thursday, May 26, 2016

35 Weeks - Almost..... There.....!

I'm still here!
These babies have really been moving, and now have completely switched sides. And I thought it was the tech that messed up last week!

They're current positioning looks like this (below). I really feel like this happened over the weekend because all of a sudden things just got a little harder for me. I've been feeling lots of pressure, and my tummy is really tender and sore. And now it makes sense because of the abnormal positioning and that they're pretty dang big with not much room in there.

Baby girl on the bottom, but in my belly she's on the other side. Baby boy on top.

Everything is such a process now. Getting out of the car and getting off the couch takes me 10 minuets. I can't stand up and be on my feet for longer than a 5 min period without feeling that pressure pulling me down, and then it gets hard to breath. My feet and hands are swelling even sooner in the day.
I'm sure after Friday (my last day at work) things should get just a little easier since I will be able to move at my own pace, and get lots of rest.
I am not sure how I would even last if they were to push me to 38 weeks, another 3 weeks of this! No thank you.

So, something that the high risk brought up to me this week is the risk of "TTN," Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn. This is something that can happen in new born white males, born at 36 weeks (or before). Basically, as the baby grows in the womb, the lungs make a special fluid. The fluid helps develop the lungs growth. Because I wont be going to full term (which I wouldn't be going 'full term' anyways) - my body wont be giving off the chemicals released during labor that tells the body to stop making this fluid and the lungs won't get a chance to absorb the fluid.
What would happen is that the baby boy would be moved into the NICU for a couple of days to give him a chance to do all of the above, with help & extra oxygen given to him.
This is all just something to be aware of. They'll both come out perfectly fine - I pray!

And really, for me -right-now- it's just about making it to June 2nd. Then, whatever happens will happen and my babies will be in great hands (and in Gods hand).  It's also better to have a baby in the NICU then risk having a still born with one or both babies (worse case scenario with my condition, Cholestasis). Speaking of, my blood work has gone down the "normal" range.

Lastly - about next week.
There's just no planning on anything with a twin birth, add in a major surgery, there's no telling how the day will end. For this reason, visiting on June 2nd will be parent's only.
I'm not entirely sure of my complete stay yet, assuming I'll be there for 4 days/3 nights there will be at least two days for visiting (with the last day being a discharge day).  Right now, I know that I will only get 6 passes, with Seth having a pass at all times, we're down to 5 people visiting at one time. Visiting hours are 12-8pm. I'm kind of thinking, family day for June 3rd, and friends/work mates on June 4th. It really doesn't matter that much, just as long as you're aware we'll have to break it down to 'shifts' so Seth can meet you at the entrance with passes.
I'll be sure to post more details as they become available.

And of course, your more than welcome to visit once we get settled at home (to get in the door, you must bring food). *wink wink*

I'll have one more high risk apt next Wednesday to get a final look see at these babies, and possibly get an estimated weight. Then Thursday it's go time!

Stay Tuned!

<3 Kimberly , Seth + babies