Wednesday, May 4, 2016

32 Week Update - Countdown is ON!

Prayers answered! 32 weeks tomorrow. 
To address my recent Facebook status:
I had been pretty itchy for a couple of weeks, abnormally itchy.  I just happen to read a little info blip one of my baby apps that said if I was more than usually itchy, maybe have the doctor look into it. 

I had my last regular OB apt on Friday and they drew blood, but didn't really think anything of it. I was just happy she took my concern seriously. I had gotten a phone call from the nurse yesterday wanting me to come back in 'today' (being Tuesday) to get more blood work done, and have it done in time for my high risk apt this morning (Wednesday).  
It concerned me that they wanted me to come back so soon, and couldn't wait literally two days till my next appointment to draw the blood. 
I had reached out to my twin mommy group and asked if any one else had been diagnosed with Cholestasis, and a couple of them have and it led to being induced early (as in 31,32,35 weeks). *sound the alarms*

Cholestasis = when the kidney is producing to much bile acid for the gallbladder to handle, the bile acid can get into my blood stream and affect the babies to where it would be to much work for their kidneys to work out. This can also make them poop sooner than they're really supposed to ending up having meconium in their amniotic fluid. Both of these scenario's end up in inducing/emerg c-sec/some sort of immediate action to be required. 
The only symptom is being really itchy (weird). And I caught it early as my levels were 2x the normal person. 

SO...  My high risk apt when fine. I did pack my bags just in case he was going to tell me to go to the hospital! 
Doc is putting me on medicine to help slow down the bile acid production. I'll be getting blood work weekly to make sure of it. There is still high risk to the babies, and I will be going to both the regular OB and high risk on a weekly basis now until birth. If I haven't given birth my 36 weeks (June 2nd), then I will be induced then, but really - it could be any day, so I'm hanging on to each week for dear life. Positioning - they were both head down, but now have moved back up and are both breach. Just means a c-section. I don't care either way, just as long as I don't end up with both a natural and a c sec. 
These babies are HUGE!  Baby boy, weighing in at 5.3 pounds already!!!  Baby girl, weighing in at 4.9.  
The NICU does not go by weight, but by a scale. So as long as they are eating, gaining weight, responding ,growing, etc - its very possible that we can avoid the NICU all together. 

Other than that, we're all doing pretty good. Doc is pretty impressed by their weight, and good with my weight ;)  

The nursery is coming together, as soon as we're done I'll take pictures. And just a few more things to button up around the house, organize, etc.  But I'm ready! I keep having dreams that they're here, pink and plump. 

I'll most definitely keep y'all updated. Keep praying!! 

With <3
Kimberly, Seth + Babies  :)