Friday, May 20, 2016

34 Weeks!

Less than two more weeks to go being pregnant.
A couple more doctors appointments, a few more times being stuck by needles.
And one more week working.

My walk is slow, my feet are swollen and my hips & back hurt, and possibly have "resting tired/cranky face" most of the time.  When they move a lot during the day, my tummy is pretty sore. My cravings are coming back big time! Gimmie a soft chocolate chip cookie, mac 'n cheese and 5 guys burgers.

But! We're all three doing great. From this latest and greatest complication, Cholestasis, I've been put on medicine and my blood levels have gone way down from the danger zone. I truly believe we'll make it to 36 weeks (June 2nd) *fingers crossed*.

I'm going to bargain with the doctor that's doing my c-section to take baby boy out 1st so she'll have a "big brother"... we'll see how that goes  ;)

Speaking of baby boy, he's finally coming around to the camera and we got a really good shot 3D. I feel like he looks like Seth, maybe has my nose. Baby girl is facing in towards my stomach, which is why it kinda hurts when she's moving around, using my kidney as a punching bag or practicing her cheer leading :)   So no pictures of her. And no new measurements.

Still trying to wrap things up with a bow in the nursery, I promise to share pictures when I feel like its ready to show, but its coming together beautifully.

That's about it! Until next week - -

3D looking at face. He's got Seth's lips and my nose. LOVE him! 

Profile pic of baby boy. 

He's "looking at the camera" face, chubby cheeks.