Friday, May 13, 2016

33 Week Update - June 2nd, Here We Come!

Not much happening this week except these babies are still in my belly.

High risk check up went fine. Hearing the words "perfect, Impressive" make me smile. Perfect, well b/c my babies have always been perfect. Impressive b/c these are big babies. Not much growth from baby boy, but baby girl went from 4.9 to 4.13 pounds. I've still got plenty of fluid in there, so there's room for more growth.

OB check up went fine as well. Still getting my blood checked weekly for the Cholestasis, so far so good. But b/c I now I have this condition, as mentioned before June 2nd will be the birthday of these babies. I have been scheduled for a C-Section at 8:30 on June 2nd! It's totally official. Of course if they come before hand, it will still be a C-Section b/c both of them are still breach.

I am still working, and will be till the 27th should I make it till the 36 week mark. This will give me a week to rest up and enjoy my last few days sleeping, resting, and preparing for my life to change forever.

Still organizing the house hold and nursery. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to finish and include pictures on next weeks update!

In mean time, I'm more comfortable sleeping on the couch at night, so my dogs have officially taken my place in bed, and even taken to my pregnancy pillow. Here's Moe, looking at me like "yes...and?"

Till Next Week!
<3 Kimberly, Seth + babies