Thursday, March 3, 2016

23 Week Update

Annnnd, my 1st bump picture.
If it looks like I'm tired it's because I am! 
My has time flown by! How is that I'm already half way through the 2nd trimester, 23 weeks, more than half way through this pregnancy??
I still feel like I have a long way to go, 4 more months God willing.
It was a lot of fun revealing the genders of the babies. And I think we have names on lock down! They'll be a secret until birth.  ;)

Let me 1st give a huge shout out to my one and only, Seth has been absolutely AMAZING. Taking care of my every need, want, and craving.

Because I've been in to see the High Risk doctor every other week since week 12, they've been getting the anatomy all along. So I didn't have that "20 week scan." But so far they are measuring 1.4 and 1.5 pound each, heart rates are great at 154 and 156. Everything is perfect. "Don't change a thing." ~ The doctor  :)

Currently they are on top of one another. Baby girl is laying head to the right with feet to the left, and baby boy is right on top of her.

I'm feeling pretty good these days. The occasional headache, that sometimes turns into a migraine. And the occasional heart burn that sometimes turns into a bad acid reflux attack. Not fun.
I am feeling the babies move allll of the time now. Sometimes enough to make mamma sore!
This past week and more so every day, I'm able to feel them through the belly. At first it was weird, like something is moving in there! But now I'm obsessed with following their movements so I can feel them on the outside. Its pretty incredible.

My little monster - he's looking right at the "camera."
You can see the ear on the side of the head, the eye sockets,
and nasal bone that's highlighted in the white.
Baby Girl, looking as precious as ever
I was able to quit my 2nd job just after 22 weeks, so my energy has come flooding back. I'm in full nesting/organizational mood. After an "exploratory" trip to IKEA I now have a lot of ideas for the nursery. I'll be sure to take before/after pictures. I think I've finally gotten to the fun part of being pregnant.

The Placenta Previa that I was diagnosed with just after 19 weeks has fully resolved! Praise the Lord! Meaning baby girl has moved on up. No more complications for the mean time! And my thyroid seems to be getting its stuff straightened out too. I hadn't gained much weight because my thyroid went from extremely low, up to mildly high, and now I'm THIS close to being in the 'normal' range. Having a higher thyroid level does not hurt the babies, so we're fine!

I go back to the high risk in two weeks. They'll be doing a test called Fetal Fibronectin testing. Basically it's a test to see if the fibronectin (the "glue" holding the babies in there) is starting to deteriorate, meaning I would be at a high risk for pre-term labor. This time around I ask for prayers that I pass this test with flying colors! I want them here, but not that bad!

I'm finally happy with my list's and polished them off. By the time we were done, and got to the clothes part we just fired the little gun at anything. So there's not a lot of clothes on our list. So if you find something to cute to pass up, it's always welcome. Hand me downs are always an option too!

Target: Search by: Kimberly Taylor
Babies R'Us:  Search by: Kimberly & Seth Taylor. Registry #: 57821312.

Stay tuned very shortly for address request's! Baby shower will probably be in April <3

With Love,
Kimberly & Seth + babies