Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Have A Protocol!

So, Its been a hot minute since my last post. And I've re-edited this to include a little bit more of the story.

My last post included information that we were about to go to our follow up apt with the RE (doctor). Knowing already that we have to wait until my thyroid levels out, I wasn't so sure that this appointment was going to be what I wanted it to be. Would the doctor strike my plan out until further notice? Would we have to wait even longer to start? And the results of everything, what would be our official "diagnosis"? Was it "me," was it "him?"

Feeling everything at once, I was more excited than anything. This doctor apt meant one step closer, even though we had to wait. It was 'movement' in our baby to be journey.

The results. Everything is just fine with the husband. So that meant it was "me." I mean, after close to 11 years of not,not trying I kind of already knew this. I'm the one with all the funky ailments. But to hear it officially, was hard for me. Yet at the same time (unlike the last diagnosis) we had a base line on where to go from here. Continuing down the list of results, my sugars are fine, everything is ok from the PCOS panel done. My ovarian reserve was a disappointing 2, when they like to see a 4 or better. This could mean that I might not have any good eggs left, or that the eggs I do produce are not good enough to sustain life. When I heard this, I knew exactly what the doctor was saying because I have done enough research to know what "ovarian reserve" meant. And I lost it. The tears just pored, I couldn't help it. Even now as I'm typing this I'm getting teary.
But with that said. Like every fingerprint, every ovary is different. This is just one number out of all the other factors that are involved in this awesome science experiment I call "getting pregnant." So, I push this information all the way back into my mind and decide to focus on the positive.
Then I get hit with the hemoglobin number. I am border line 5.7, when they want to see a 6 or below. So after the holidays, it was time to again-focus on me, myself and I and get my mind right and lose the weight. I have to admit, its been a struggle. More of a struggle than I thought I would be. I've done it before, so what's this issue? Well, as silly as it sounds I'm an emotional eater. And this is one heck of an emotional roller coaster. Hence, the struggle. I have to give credit to my dear husband. Being a man, he is kind of removed from emotions of what a women would be going through and has always brought be back to earth, or eased my pain, or just be there when I needed to vent.

But! I did get what I ultimately wanted. We have our protocol (game plan!!). I am getting my blood work done this week and then impatiently wait by the phone to hear from my endocrinologist "go!"  Once I get the go, its time to order all the meds and then we'll be starting our treatment plan apx Feb 20th. So long as my PCOS doesn't rear its ugly head, and its a normal cycle.

So here goes; I'll put it all in lamens terms:

Medications I'm currently on:
Metformin 2000 mg
Synthroid 88 mcg

Day 1 I call into the doctors to say Hey!
Day 3 will be blood work, and sonogram to check out everything. I'll get the results in the afternoon and given instructions regarding the Clomid, Gonadotropin and schedule monitoring appointments.
Day 3-7, Clomid 50mg 
Day 7 & 9, Injections. Fun. Gonadotropin (Bravelle 75iu) injection as instructed.
Day 10, ultrasound and bloodwork. Will be called in the afternoon with results. Possible 'trigger injection' (Ovidrel). Also start Prometrium (progesterone) until told not to. (BFN).

Then we "try" and hope and pray for the best.

We'll do 2 or 3 cycles of this. Then move onto IUI. Same procedure, but instead of timed "trying" they'll take his sample, clean it out so that they get the best of the best and shoot it up in the catheter so they'll end up near the tubes.
Then pray.
Another 2 or 3 cycles of this.

If that doesn't work, IVF here we come.

We'll cross this bridge when/if we get close to this process (if the other 4/6 cycles don't work, we're looking at late summer, early fall). All I really know is that is the same sort of process as above, but they'll take out any/all eggs and match it with the clean husband sample.. cross their arms, wrinkle their noses and poof.. we'll have embryos. Then the embryo's goes through their own 5 day process..  and whatever makes it though, we'll decided to put back in 1 or 2 embryos..  and do my down crossing arms, wrinkle my nose... and poof -twins-.

Twins? I'm down for it. I know what it means. I've thought about this for a long time. So long as there is no major complications, its kind of what I want to happen. But that also means huge lifestyle changes. We have a 2 bedroom 1 bath house.. so eventually we'd have to move. I have a tiny 2 door car, that I will try to make it work. But if my husband cant get fit his lunch box in the back seat, how I am supposed to fit a car seat, let a lone car seat with a baby or two? So that means a new car. And probably a second new car. My husband has my older crv, but has turned it into a 'man car/contruction' vehicle. Ok -yes we can clean it up...  but the car is also used to haul trash on a weekly bases. Would you put a car seat in garbage truck? probably not.. so.. that's my answer.

But I also know that we can very well put in 2 embryo's and only 1 can 'stick'.. which is also totally cool with me. One baby is all I ever really wanted.
We'll only have to make such decisions if we have to go that route. Hopefully not. Hopefully it will all happen the 1st round. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So this brings me to the very end of 2014. Just like 2013, this year couldn't end sooner. My very good friend told me that this year (2015) will be the "Year of Kim." And I have no doubt, she's right.
2015 - I cant wait to meet you.