Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Taylor Twins Are.......?

Drum Roll Please.......

Baby B is a BOY!  And I just KNEW it! 
Baby Boy Foot
Handsome Baby Boy Profile
Was really happy to hear this was a girl.
I cried when the tech told me it was a girl.
Baby Girl Foot
Beautiful Baby Girl Profile
Are we done having children? Probably not!  I'll want to squeeze one more baby in a few years. But then again, we'll probably have to go through treatments again and who knows how my eggs will fair then. Cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose. For now, I'll have my hands full. <3   :)

Things have been going wonderfully. Perfect little babies. I just had my 18w check in, and they are weighing 9oz each. No exact measurements, but my apps all say anywhere b/t 6-7 inches long. Keep in mind they're squeezed in there. I can feel them internally sometimes. Like when they go from breech to transverse position. (head up to side to side).
Since I go to the high risk every other week, they've been getting the anatomy scanned each time I go, and things couldn't be better. So that means I won't have the "20 week anatomy" scan. They just need to get a few more items (as they grow).

I had another complication pop up this visit (18w), Placenta Previa. The doctor doesn't seem to be to worried, and that it should resolve itself with the growth of the girl. But if it doesn't that could just mean more complications down the road, and definitely a c-section.
Do I have a birth plan? That would be a no! With twins, anything can happen. So the best I can do is just be an informed patient and be prepared for anything.

Do I have a registry? Not yet... We wanted to wait and find out the genders before planing on anything. Will be working on this in February. Will post an update when its all said and done.

I'm feeling pretty good these days. Still get a headache/migraine every so often. A little bit of acid re flux/heart burn.  Still waiting on that energy to show up, but working 2 jobs probably doesn't help that. I'm just about exclusively in all maternity clothes. Maybe I'll be brave and start posting "bump" pictures soon.

I'm so happy to be able to share this news with you. We are to blessed to have such a support system. I ask for prayers for the Placenta Previa. I pray that this resolves itself and no other major complications show up. I'm just over the half way mark if the Lord see's that I make it to 36 weeks.

I look forward to sharing more as the weeks continue to pass! And YAY for an early spring!

With Love,
Kimberly & Seth