Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our BIG BIG News! Twin journey up to 12 weeks

My goodness, where I do even start? So lets rewind to where I sent out my last message that we were about to start fertility treatments. Given that we were able to get pregnant on our own before, that's where I kind of wanted to start in this process. We had decided to to 2/3 rounds of 'regular' trying with me just being on medications.

Our 1st round of treatments was of course unsuccessful and was more intense than I thought it was going to be. Every-day was something; medication, monitoring appointments, injections, blood draws, pee sticks, stressing about how many follicles/eggs I'd end up with. It was a lot, on top of working two jobs to be able to afford it all. I was exhausted in every sense of the word.

But we jumped right into the second cycle, clear headed and ready to go. I think from the beginning of this cycle I just felt better. I guess it was because I knew what to expect this time. I took my medicine, injections in my tummy, my body was responding really well this time. The nurses were almost going to 'cancel' the cycle on me because I had to many eggs (!!!  I've never been told that in my life). My case quickly went through two nurses, and eventually back to my doctor. My doctor calls me the same day we found out I had 4 shiny eggs ready to go, and she warned me about the risk of multiples. I had said that I was ok with that, and she let us move forward with the timed trying. That night I took my trigger shot (another injection to release the eggs from the ovaries) and we did the baby dance.
That's when the "two week wait" starts. Luckily, learning from last time, I stacked my week up with activities, personal training, working job #2, keeping my mind off what could or could not be happening.
But I broke down on the Monday before my blood test (beta) and took a hpt and it was negative. I was devastated. I had been so excited about this round, that this one could finally be the one after years and years. Friday rolls around, and I go in for my beta test, and the nurse was like 'did you cheat? (take a hpt). I said yes I did, and its a 'no.' She responded back, well lets just wait and see. You never know. But I didn't even give it a second thought. I was already thinking about round #3 and if I was mentally ready for it after such a disappointment, and on top of that my thyroid starting acting up again and I might of had to wait till 2016 anyways (deciding already that we would wait out December b/c of the holidays).

Later that Friday, the nurse calls:
"Hello, is this Kimberly?"
"Well Kimberly, I have some good news for you.."
"Noooooooo way..."
"Yes, you're pregnant!"
"No! I'm not!"
"Yes you are! Now stop it."

Went back to the clinic two more times to make sure the beta's doubled. Meaning, my beta (blood test) was 214 on Friday. Monday it tripled to over 700, then again on wed over 1400. I kind of had an inclining that it might be twins at this point, just comparing to the figures I of course googled at the time.
We found out at 6 weeks it was twins - fraternal. They are di-di for anyone interested in the science of it all. There are 4 types of twins, and di di are the best kind of twins, less complications since they are in separate sacs.
6w 3days
Right after we hit 8 weeks, I ended up getting a Subchorionic Hemorrhage, where a collection of blood clots gather around the placenta and tear. It completely frightened me, and I thought, well - here we go again. But we went to the doctors in the morning and as soon as they went in, they found both babies doing just perfect. I haven't had a complication since.
8w 4days. So much growth!
We "graduated" from our fertility clinic at 9 weeks and had our next 'real' appointment (that normal pregnant people get) at 10+week at an OB.

These are 10 weeks 6 days

Because I'm having twins, I'm considered high risk. So Seth and I went to our 1st high risk doctor on Dec 21st and had our 12+ weeks scan. The big thing about this particular scan was seeing if there were any signs of downs. They measured the neck of both babies, and if they measured more than 3mm wide, the doctor would probably suggest a more invasive test to get more information. For a second, that had me worried b/c of course the tech didn't tell us the measurements and I was just enamored by what was showing on the screen. I'm happy to announce that both babies only measured 1.7 -so we're fiiiiiiine!
I can't believe we have been so blessed. God choose me to carry and deliver two lives into this world. Wow! 
Please continue to pray for us, as our lives will be adjusting to having two babies in the very near future. 6 months will fly by real fast, and as each week goes by I'm getting a little overwhelmed. But I'll get there. I plan on sharing post's like this one every few weeks to keep everyone updated. 

I'll end this post with a "See ya in 2016!"

With Love, 
Kimberly & Seth (& family :) )